Mrs. Mae Capone shown leaving to visit former gang czar at Alcatraz,” this photograph ran in 1938, a year before Capone finished serving his sentence.

Capone’s presence in Alcatraz was periodically newsworthy in San Francisco. In 1934, the Chronicle ran the following item:   “The report that Mrs. Capone had tried to rent a $200-a-month apartment in an exclusive apartment building on Russian Hill yesterday created consternation among the fashionable residents of the district.

Mrs. Capone didn’t get the apartment and continued her search among other expensive buildings in the area. Her inquiries were made only at buildings with a view of Alcatraz. But if Mrs. Capone wishes to communicate with her husband, only visible signals during the day or flashing lights at night will serve her object.

Warden James Johnston of Alcatraz has announced that no visitors will be allowed to see his prisoners at any time.”


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