5 Easy Steps

Making worthwhile donations on your own can be a complex and time-consuming process. VIA makes it easy by setting out a program that simplifies the process and sets out all the proper steps for you. Remember, you will never be left on your own in VIA — our team of experts will help you each step of the way – the VIA Way to achieving a greater degree of tax freedom.

Step 1:

Decide on the amount you would like to contribute. Our savings calculator can help you choose the most beneficial amount to contribute for each step of participation in VIA, based upon your income. You begin by purchasing a rare collection of vintage photographs from the “White Collection.”


Step 2:

Using your White collection as security, you may apply to Vintage Capital for financing to assist in purchasing a second collection of vintage photographs from the “Moos Collection”. Or, you may simply choose to hold the White Collection and go to step 5.


Step 3:

Purchase a second collection from the Moos Collection, funded in part by the loan from Vintage Capital.



Step 4:

Donate the Moos collection to a registered Canadian charity and receive a tax receipt for the eligible amount of your donation. File your receipt with your tax return and receive immediate and substantial tax savings.



Step 5:

After three years, you may choose to donate and/or sell your White collection. With the proceeds, you may repay the financing from Vintage Capital. Your donation will result in additional and substantial tax credits.



Follow the VIA Way to discover how easy it is to make significant contributions to Canada’s cultural and educational resources while enjoying tax benefits today and in the future.


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