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The Cultural Heritage Association of Canada is a national non-profit organization that promotes a wider appreciation of Canadian Arts and culture. All participants in VIA are encouraged to become members of the CHA. CHA members form a growing community working together to celebrate and preserve cultural resources in Canada.

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White Collection:

In Year One, VIA participants purchase a collection of unique vintage photographs from DeLeon White Vintage Images (the “White Collection”). The White Collection is currently comprised of photographs from the Chicago Tribune/Chicago American Newspaper archives. These photographs collectively mark the evolution of the past century and form a truly remarkable collection.

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Road sign:

You have two choices. You may continue on the “road to tax freedom” today by using the White Collection to acquire financing OR you can simply choose to hold the White Collection for at least three years, and choose to sell and/or donate it later.

Vintage Capital:

Vintage Capital Corporation is the preferred financing arm associated with VIA. Using the White Collection as security, VIA participants may apply to Vintage Capital for financing to enable the purchase of another collection of vintage photographs. This unique program – offered exclusively through VIA – enables you to enjoy substantial tax savings today while holding the White Collection for even greater benefit in the future!

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Moos Collection:

Moos Heritage Collections is lead by Walter Moos, one of North America’s most established and respected art dealers for more than half a century.

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Donation (gift):

By donating your Moos Collection photographs, you are contributing to a milestone donation of cultural resources in Canada. These historic photographs will be studied and appreciated by generations to come. VIA will assist you through every step of the donation process.

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Money bag:

Upon making a donation, you will be entitled to receive tax credits for the full value of your donation as specified under the Income Tax Act.

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As a result of the exclusive financing offered by Vintage Capital, these donations typically result in substantial tax savings for donors in the year of donation.


After holding the White Collection, you may choose to pursue selling any part of them. Proceeds from such a sale may be used to repay any financing obligations incurred through the VIA program. VIA will make every effort to assist those interested in selling any portion of their White Collection.


Donation (gift):

After three years of holding the White Collection, you may choose to donate any part of these works to a Canadian cultural or educational institution, or any qualified donee under the ITA. These works may be eligible for designation as Cultural Property.

We will assist you each step of the way should you choose to donate or sell any part of your collection.

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Money bag on car:

Enjoy additional tax savings by donating your works to a Canadian institution or qualified donee. The tax savings that arise from such donations can be applied in the year of donation, or for up to five additional years!

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Find out more about the legal parameters and tax incentives under the ITA.

Rest stop:

If you choose to simply buy and hold on to the White Collection for the future (i.e. after three years), VIA will assist you at every step of the way to plan for substantial benefits and tax savings in the future. Should you choose to donate any portion of your collection, we will assist you in identifying institutions that may be worthy recipients of your donation.

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