Original vintage iconic photographs are rare and precious artifacts documenting our common history and culture.

Documentary and fine Art Photographs, especially vintage photographs, are growing increasingly rare. Notable works are in high demand and frequently trade in a growing international market for thousands of dollars apiece. With the advent of the ‘digital age’, we are slowly losing these precious artifacts. By participating in VIA, you can help to acquire and preserve these one-of-a-kind resources in Canada.

Through your donation to institutions that have the means to properly preserve these delicate pieces, you are ensuring these photographs can be fully appreciated and enjoyed by generations to come.


Preserving Culture

Since the advent of analogue photography more than 150 years ago, the photograph has been the principal documentary record of civilization.

It is a passport to our collective memory and history. These photographs chronicle the evolution of our society over the past fifteen decades. The vintage photographs themselves are unique artifacts of unquestionable historic importance.

As awareness of their iconic quality grows in the marketplaces, photos from these collections are virtually assured to become increasingly rare and valuable.

Without proper preservation, these vintage photographs can become damaged or lost over time. A number of leading Canadian educational institutions possess the desire, ability and capacity to house and preserve these unique cultural and artistic resources.

Your donation can make all the difference!

Be part of the movement to preserve these precious resources for future generations of Canadians.


Enabling Research

Many Canadian universities have substantial archival programs and facilities that are equipped to preserve vintage photographs. With state-of-the-art archival procedures, these institutions are eager for donations that can become the basis for research projects for their faculty and student body.

Faculties such as fine arts, history, sociology and the sciences will be able to benefit from access to vintage photographic images that will enable generations of students and professional scholars to chronicle our collective visual history.

Your donation can be the inspiration for future research projects.


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